The German Shepherd Dog! Known the world over for its intelligence and versatility.


The German Shepherd Dog has a long history of working, even though the dog breed itself is only just over 100 years old.

This dog breeds superior intelligence and trainability combined with a rock solid temperament also makes the GSD a perfect family pet and companion.

And that’s just the beginning of this dog breeds brave and historic background.

Max von Stephanitz, developer of this breed, envisioned a dog breed of tremendous character, great working ability, utter loyalty as well as high intelligence. He thought that above all “Utility is the true criterion of beauty” and developed the breed with this in mind.

Just so you’ll know, this is a natural dog breed, unchanged with no additional need of surgical “enhancements” of any type such as ear or tail docking.

Jack of all trades, this dog breed can do it all, and do it all well. It is often said that no other dog can do so many different things as well as a German Shepherd. Several other breeds may do one specific task better, but no single dog breed can perform such a wide variety of tasks overall as well as the GSD.

Inside this site you’ll find some of the best and most detailed information there is available covering all aspects of the GSD – pictures, facts, articles, historical research, news, detailed info on training your GSD, health resources, GSD breed information and more. You’ll find it all here.

The goal of this dog breed site is to provide you the best information available online about all aspects of this fantastic dog breed. Additionally, I want to offer you the best tips, dog breed gifts, GSD trivia, articles and health and diet information available online.

Having been owned by, lived with, and bred these dogs for well over 20 years I can honestly tell you that the GSD is the perfect breed for me – however, they are not perfect for everyone.

Read on, enjoy your visit, and please feel free to contact us any time with any questions that you may have about these wonderful dogs or to share stories and photos with us of your own German Shepherd.

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