Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website’s content so that it ranks very well in the search engines. In order to use search engine optimization properly it is important to understand the basics of how search engines rank websites and what you can do make the search engines realize that your site is relevant to a specific search. We here at Prithvi Online can provide you with a basic understanding of search engine optimization, as well as some general search engine optimization tips to help in making your site to rank very well in the search engines.

How Search Engine Optimization Works:

The way that the major search engines gather information from websites is by using spider software, which is named so because the software “crawls” every page of every site, determining the page’s relevance by a number of factors. The main factor in determining a web page’s importance is keywords. The technology of the software cannot read and comprehend full paragraphs, but it can pick up on keywords and phrases.
The more a bot picks up on a keyword, the more relevant they determine the site to be to that keyword. For example, if you run a site that sells boots, you want to use the word boots as much as possible in your content so the software knows your site is about boots. We know that is can be a tedious process, which is why we offer our expertise on search engine optimization to our loyal customers.

Another less known factor of how search engines rank a site is what is contained in the site’s HTML tags. The two tags that the spider software focuses the most on are theandtags. It is important to include two or three main keywords in thetags to give the spider software a good first impression about what your site is about. Instead of making the mistake of just putting your site name in thetag, also put a keyword or two to further indicate your site’s relevance. We at Prithvi Online can take care of your HTML headache and perform behind the scenes tweaks on your website that will increase your rank with the major search engines.

We at Prithvi Online understand that Search Engine Optimization can seem like a daunting task for any web master. Our goal is to provide our customers with a basic knowledge of search engine optimization, as well as some general strategies that will allow them to rank very well in the search engine result pages.

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