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Reviews and Information on the Best Kitchen Knives and the Best Chef Knives - Budatha

Reviews and Information on the Best Kitchen Knives and the Best Chef Knives


Kitchen knives and chef knives come in many varieties, there is no best knife for everyone and there is no all-in-one knife that is able to complete each kitchen task.

There is an extremely large variety of cooking knives however there are only a few that are commonly found in most kitchens.

The best knives are the knives that feel right in your hand you can tell if the knife is the best knife for you simply by picking it up. The size of your hands, how you hold the knife, and what you tend to do most in the kitchen determine things like which handle type is preferable, and what weight you’ll need.

There are many varieties of knives for the kitchen but the most common knife used in today’s kitchen would be the chef knife, these knives are extremely versatile. The chef’s knife can carry out most of the everyday tasks in the kitchen like: slicing, dicing, mincing, cutting juliennes and de-boning.

The chef’s knife really would be the best kitchen knife to have to hand and investing in a good quality chef’s knife will ensure that it lasts a life time.

Apart from the multi-purpose chef’s knife you will find a vast range of other types of knives that all serve their purpose in the everyday kitchen – nearly all knives used in the kitchen will fall into one of these categories: Chef Knives, Asian Knives, Steak Knives, Paring Knives, Bread and Serrated Knives, Boning and Fillet knives.

Chef Knives

As outlined above chef knives are really a multi-purpose kitchen knife that can be used and utilized for many different tasks in the kitchen. Chef knives are great for cutting different types of foods in the kitchen such as vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry plus you can use a variety of cutting techniques with the multipurpose chef’s knife including chopping, dicing shredding and slicing.

Nearly all of the standard chefs knives will have a broad blade that curves slightly upwards to the point, this allow for the chef knife to rock back and forth for fine mincing.

Chef’s knives typically range in size from 6 to 12 inches and the spine of the blade is thick to add weight and strength.

Asian Knives

Asian knives consist of unique types of chef’s knives, paring knifes, seafood knives and cleavers that are used in kitchens throughout Asia.

Each Asian knife is designed for specific tasks and has a unique shape, size or edge-style that distinguishes it from its Western counterpart.

Western Asian knife copies have become very popular in recent years with chefs in the United States and Europe.

Steak Knives

Steak knives basically all come in one knife style with similar characteristics like serrated blades and wooden handles.

Steak knives typically have 4 to 6 inch thin serrated blades however some have straight edges. Steak knives are found on virtually all modern dining tables for cutting steak into small manageable bite sized pieces.

Unlike bread knives the serrations found on steak knives tend to tear meat fibers rather than slicing neatly through them.Paring Knives

Paring knives are very small and resemble a miniature chef’s knife. Paring Knives are used for intricate work in the kitchen and allow for a greater amount of control than a larger Chef’s Knife.

A Paring Knife will usually have a thin 3 to 4 inch blade that tapers to a point. Generally all modern paring knives can be used for basic work in the kitchen like peeling, styling, cutting, and cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Bread and Serrated Knives

Bread knives and serrated knives are the best knives for cutting bread easily and cleanly. An all-purpose serrated knife can be used for cutting many types of food in the everyday kitchen like fruits and vegetables where sometimes the outer skin is hard to pierce with a regular chef’s knife.

Typically these knives have an 8 to 9 inch blade with serrated edges, Bread knives and serrated knives are very low maintenance and you will find that serrated knives last a long time so it’s worth investing in a good quality knife. You will find these knives in some of the best knife sets and knife blocks in today’s market.

Boning and Fillet Knives

Boning and fillet knives are two knives that you will find in every chef’s knife roll without these two knives every professional chef would be lost.

You will find that Boning knives can have different widths of blades as well as varying stiffness.

Boning knives can easily get into small places, the curve of the boning knife blade offers greater control when making precise cuts and these knives are generally used to remove meat from bones and cutting fish or poultry.

Fillet knives are flexible knives used to filet and prepare fish these knives have a thin, narrow flexible blade which make this knife move easily along the backbone and under the skin of fish.

Fillet knives are not so common in the home kitchen but are a must have knife for the professional chef.

The Best Kitchen Knives

Ideally every modern kitchen would have at least one of these knives from each category to make up a full kitchen knife set.

Many reputable knife brands offer complete knife sets or knife blocks that usually contain at least one knife from the popular knife categories mentioned above.

You will find a huge collection of the best kitchen knives and the best chef’s knives available in todays market here at Best Chef Kitchen Knives.

Each of the knives are the best we have found and have been fully reviewed and given a rating out of 5.

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect kitchen or chef knife for you needs and requirements. Hopefully by reading through our best knife reviews you will be able to pick out the knife that is right for you.

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