Polanski’s New Thriller Puts Ewan McGregor In Danger As He Is “The Ghost Writer”


A ghostwriter is a professional writer paid to write stories, books, articles, reports and\or other texts which credits are then officially given to another person. Roman Polanski’s new adaptation to the novel by the same name was put on hold for a short while after his recent arrest. Further more, certain locations stood in for others due to Polanski’s inability to legally travel to those places. Nevertheless, the film is due to premiere on February 18th at the Berlin Film Festival.

The story tells of a British ghostwriter (Ewan Mcgregor), known and successful who agrees to the will of a past British Prime Minister Adam Lang to write down his memoirs. After persuaded by his agent to take the job the ghost sets foot to work on the project in an isolated island mansion where Lang is staying with his family.

The fact that the ghost’s predecessor had been killed in a misfortunate accident puts him in doubt at some point, but only when Lang is suddenly accused of war crimes by a former British cabinet minister the ghost realizes that the man before him on the job did not just die accidently but had probably found out some facts that linked Lang to the CIA and someone didn’t want them to get out. The manuscript left behind by the last ghostwriter has probably got this information hidden in it. Finding himself in danger, the ghostwriter has to decide whether to keep his job- or to do the right thing.

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