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When applying for a loan or a personal credit the customer can have at any time after the loan approval can be withdrawn in whole or in part, in any amount within the limit specified in the contract, this can be withdrawn at any time during the deadline has been set, so if you must keep in mind is that withdrawal can only be conducted in the manner that has been established in the contract (checks, credit cards, cash, etc.)..

Tips to a reunification of loans:

In the report “In the consumer and financial products” issued by the OCU, it discourages the reunification of debts through intermediaries, since they usually charge high fees for service.

Faced with an impending economic crisis many people are reuniting its debts and loans into one, which can often be an excellent alternative, however, do so through a broker may not be as positive.

Alternative Credit:

Financial institutions often charge interest that in many cases can be considered high.

Is mainly due to the creditworthiness of the person requesting the loan, it is the manner in which banks can make their investment profitable in the short term. Every borrower must carefully analyze and calculate the offer made by the financial institution to determine whether it would acquire the personal loan.

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