Nicetranslator Makes Translation Even Easier


A new web-based translation service, aptly named Nicetranslator, offers an easier way to translate on the web.

Nicetranslator, created by Tumble Design, is a slickly designed web translator that translates into multiple languages on the fly. The service, which makes use of the Google Translate API, allows you to select as many languages as you want from a drop-down menu. Then as you type your word or phrase into the text field, Nicetranslator instantly translates it into every chosen language in real time. This means no constant clicking to translate every time you enter a new phrase, taking out unnecessary steps that other translators overlook.

Nicetranslator has a clean and clear user interface, with no clutter, big, easy-to-read fonts, and an eye for simplicity and usability. I’m not exactly a big user of translators, so I’m not sure how the Google Translation service that Nicetranslator make use of stacks up to other services in terms of translation accuracy, but I do know that Nicetranslator isn’t nearly as cumbersome as its competitors.
Check out Nicetranslator here if you’re looking for a new translation service with straightforward application and no hassle.

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