Meeting With EK Genes Founder Don Mahmood


I had a meeting yesterday with the founder of Eklectik Genes Don Mahmood an active member on the Dobizo Network and he invited me over to speak with him on the fashion industry, the trade show concept, and what it’s like being in the fashion industry.

Let’s just say the guy knows his stuff. I plan on working with him directly to get a lot of new things going on with Dobizo and his clothing line in the near future after seeing that his mind is in the same place as mine and that’s helping the underdog succeed. He’s very passionate about helping many of our users get overseas, attend trade shows, and work with manufacturers without seeing your company get jerked and hopefully avoid some of the mistakes that we both made when starting out.

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Many ideas we spoke on had to do with directly affecting the community that is building here at Dobizo. From writing a free e-book to organized meet-ups and much more. I think after my meeting with Don we will definitely see a few contributed articles from his camp that is actively looking for a graphic designer to intern with his company if that is of any interest I would suggest you email him at right away to be considered.

In the future I would like to setup a meeting with some of the users of Dobizo that are interested in meeting members one on one for a more versed discussion of getting into the fashion industry and some of the ups and downs of starting out.

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