Making your New Year’s Resolutions with a twist of business


Before anything else, I want to greet everybody a Happy and a Prosperous New Year! It’s year 2015 now – a new year to start and a fresh start to move on. I just checked out Yahoo today and I found out that many people are searching for the keyword “New Year’s Resolutions”. To contribute my insights about this subject matter, I list down below some simple tips to make your resolutions achievable. The following are universal and can be applied in business.

1. Make it specific. If you want something to get, specify that thing. Instead of saying “I want to reduce my weight”, say “I want to reduce my weight by 10 pounds”. If you are a businessman, saying “I want to increase my gross profit by 10 percent next year” is better than saying “I want to avoid losses next year”.

2. Be realistic and make it attainable. Make your resolution achievable. Nearly impossible resolution like winning the lottery jackpot is out of here. If you’re a businessman again, wishing a million net profit is ridiculous when your net worth did not even amounted to a million. Before making a resolution, make it based on your strengths and weaknesses or based on your resources, obligations and limitations.

3. Formulate it in a positive manner. This may not be based on human science, but thinking positively may drive more positive energy and effects to a person. Are you familiar with the theory of attraction? Then instead of saying “I don’t want to be fat”, say “I want to stay fit”. Or instead of saying I don’t want my “business to become bankrupt”, say “I want my business to continue with an increased 10% net profit for the next year”. Thinking positive things are more relaxing and stress-free rather than thinking and worrying bout negative things. This is a healthy style, isn’t it?

4. It must be allocable and assignable. You can’t achieve big things in a small period of time or in a small job performed. If you have a goal of completely reading 500 pages of business books for the year 2015, then don’t make it a one month task. There are 365 days in a year. Divide 500 pages into 365 days so you can relaxingly read 1.37 pages every day. You know what I mean.

5. Create a resolution that can be tracked and monitored. It is important that you can monitor how your resolution is going on. Are you near of achieving it or are you still far away of reaching it? By tracking down the way your resolution goes, you will be able to improve your ways and processes if something went wrong. Moreover, this track record will help and guide you in making a New Year’s resolution for 2010 and the succeeding years.

6. Make sure it is of important to you. Do you really know who you are? Deeply speaking, you should know yourself and discover what you really want. Make sure that your resolution will have a great impact in your life. Do not make resolutions which aren’t come from yourself. Don’t list a resolution just because this is what others wanted you to do. It’s not the matter of how your resolution is hard or easy, what matters is – it comes from your heart.

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