Love and romantic relationship between employees in a business working place


What would be the effect if there will be a love and romantic relationship between co-workers in a working place? Will it create a negative or a positive effect in the organization? Or will it depend on the kind of relationship the employees will have? Some companies and employers disallow their employees to have such relationship. There are many reasons why they don’t allow such occurrence. One reason is to avoid the possibility of connivance between couples – this is to maintain a strong internal control in an organization. Some say that the unpleasant and high emotions that the relationship will bring when the couple is in a quarrel will cause a negative impact on the people around them. This impact goes through the mental, emotional and spiritual channels of humanism. It includes additional stress that may deter the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers’ output in the company’s operations. With these reasons, employers may become pessimistic enough to prevent such existence of relationship. Other employers stand for the axiom “prevention is better than cure”. Hence, a lot of companies restrict any romantic relationship between their employees.

Disallowing the existence of love or romantic relationship between co-workers seems to be a pretty safe move for employers. However, business is all about taking risks in exchange for a great reward. This kind of relationship may bring negative results to an organization. But on the other side, it may also bring great things to an organization as a whole. A judgment whether to allow such relationship should be taken carefully – especially that this involves handling of peoples’ hearts and emotions. This also involves trust and confidence between an employee and an employer. Why would an employer keep his employees if he doesn’t trust them to produce relationships that will cause more good things rather than negative things? Stopping employees from engaging into romantic relationships because of thinking that this relationship will produce bad results is like just distrusting and misbelieving these employees.

From being so pessimistic and thinking all the negative effects that a love couple will bring to the organization, why can’t we contemplate on the positive side of the world? If we know these persons and we trust them, then why can we let them do freely what their hearts want to do. Otherwise if we don’t trust them, why did we hire them and keep them in the first place? A relationship is a unity of two people. This unity should be an equation of 1 plus 1 equals to 3. These three will be the man, the woman and their incorporation. Meaning it will cause more efficiency and effectiveness to an organization in terms of doing their jobs. A relationship that runs in the right way creates strong forces. These include inspiration, trust, confidence, gratitude and high morale that make the people within the organization become zealous. These things will uplift the morale and spirituality of the people inside the organization. These values are the great rewards of taking the risk of allowing a romantic relationship inside a workplace. As I said, if you trust your people, then allow them. On the other hand, if you don’t trust your people, then fire them out, rather than stopping any relationship of love.

Risk can be minimized. But instead of applying the preventive approach, it is nobler to adopt the directive approach. Instead of stopping the people to have such promising relationship, why not allow them and direct them into making their relationship kind and beneficial for them and for the organization. Just think of a running anti-virus that is highly secured and deletes all the unidentified programs in your computer. This kind of anti-virus may fully prevent viruses to contaminate your computer, but may also prevent and delete unidentified programs that actually are useful and will make your computer more effective, more efficient and more developed. Let us hope we will make great decision, especially when it comes to great thing like the matter of love and emotions. Let’s celebrate the month of love and hearts. Happy Valentine’s day!

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