Living Room Curtains With Striped Pattern


Striped pattern on the living room curtains evokes the formal feeling. If you want to avoid the simple look on the living room, you need to play more with accessories like toss pillows, curtain, upholstery, area rug and many more. The window covering occupies big effect on the wall. You can make the boring and plain looks interesting by installing the full wall covering on the window. The style of the curtain depends on the interior design in the living room. If you want to infuse striped pattern on the formal living room, you can choose the right color combo.

Formal living room is always charactertized with a dark color. You can paint the wall in dark brown, while the furniture pieces in tan or beige. The window covering can add professional look by installing navy blue and brown striped living room curtain. The striped pattern can incorporate two colors or more colors. To enjoy the playful and casual design in your modern living room, you can install rainbow striped pattern curtain on the sleek glass window. You can go with three striped color from vibrant look in distressed living room. The romantic design in the living room can be perceived when you choose the soft colors on the living room curtains.

Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains

Stripe Curtain For Living Room Natural Stripe Pattern Curtains Ideas Living Room Stripe Curtains Pattern Great Curtains Stripe Pattern Cheap Stripe Pattern Design Ideas You can paint the wall with faux painting in creamy brown accent to resemble the texture of marble. Then you set some gold accent furniture for luxury feeling. You can decorate the arched windows with gray and gold striped curtain. The pattern on the curtain can be suited with the pattern on your toss pillow and area rug if you want to implement a good harmony for the decoration. Some people find it difficult to shop for similar living rooms curtains with other accesories in the living room design.

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