The importance of teambuilding in a business organization


Team building is a vital process that should be practiced consistently by every business organization. Since it is more humane than technical, this activity is considerably the most interesting and the least boring activity that every people in an organization will experience. From the two words “team” and “building”, we will try to extract the epitome of this activity.

When talking about team, we obviously think about people. And when talking people, we think about skills, characters, behaviors and values. People are the building blocks that we should place properly in an organization to have it a strong foundation. To achieve this, one important key is “knowing”. Managers and leaders in an organization should encourage their people to explore deeply into their selves to determine their true skills, characters, behaviors and values. Once the knowing process is done, the next step is “placement”. After knowing people and their real attributes, they should be putted or assigned precisely in their corresponding place inside the organization where they can act more effectively and efficiently. Imagine building a house, of course to have a well-built house, we should place the right part of the house properly. Just think how absurd it is to place a window glass on the floor. This is simply the essence of team building: knowing people and placing them in the right place.

It is also common in an organization that internal battle arises because some members cannot accept that they are only followers instead of leaders. Most people want to become leaders because they think that more recognition and rewards are given to leaders rather than to followers. This kind of human thinking usually causes collapse to an organization because some followers want to lead instead of following. Due to this, they cannot already do their function as followers. People like these should realize that the point is… it does not really matter if you are a great leader or a great follower. What matter most is that you are a great “member”. Finally and to end this article, there is one great member that we should always include in every organization. We should always make God as our member in our organization.

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