Communication is the key As is the case so often in life, communication is key to establishing the best possible relationship with your insurance company.

People think they’re penalised because they’re being honest, but they’re not.

Services for example, you might consider not informing the agent of your horse’s colic three years ago, fearing the company might not sell you the policy or might include an exclusion that wouldn’t cover your horse for colic-related death.

But reputable insurance companies try very hard to work with their customers who are forthcoming and honest.

If you’re upfront about your horse’s health history, the company can take extenuating circumstances into account, for example (your horse colicked when moved from Tasmania to Queensland ).

If the company finds out later that you held back relevant information, you may be looking at an exclusion regardless, or you may find you’ve nullified your policy. One standard provision in virtually all mortality policies is immediate notification of any health issues.

Your insurance company will provide you with a toll-free number where you can reach someone 24 hours a day.

If you horse faces an emergency, you should call the number as soon as possible, contact your insurance company immediately.

The adjustor you speak with can help you evulate options and make decisions in view of your situation and your insurance coverage.

If your horse faces a less-dire situation, you can call during business hours, companies generally stress that when in doubt CALL.

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