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How can we earn and make money online? Actually, as I am writing this article, I’m hoping that this article will return me some extra bucks. With the vast number of people searching for the popular keyword “make money online”, I’m wishing that this article page will soon land on the first page of Google’s search result page for that golden keyword. That’s right! I’m talking of the fortune we can get on driving visitors to our website or blog. The more traffic our site has, the more the value and revenue it will generate. This blog is currently earning from Google Adsense Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement. So blogging, writing original contents and doing search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more visitors on my site make my money online.

So how can you make money online? There are lots of ways to make money online. You may choose among the following.

1. Sell your own products or services online. The WorldWideWeb is a huge market and a real time shopping mall. So if you have your own products or you possess outstanding skills (those that can be provided online), start selling them now. You can sell them in your own website with your own domain. You can sell it through your freely made blogs or social site pages and profiles (e.g., WordPress, Blogspot, Myspace, Facebook, etc., ). Oh BTW, services may include website design, accounting, SEO, website development, transcription, language translation, etcetera)

2. Sell other products and services online. Now, if you don’t produce your own products or you don’t have expertise that can be sold online, then go on selling other products and services and earn sales commissions. If you own a popular website that receives a decent numbers of visitors, then you are at the advantage. You can also sell at or

3. Product review. This includes review of books, movies, games, and other products in the market. You can choose the product at your best interest. With that, you can enjoy the product and at the same time earn from it.

4. Domaining. Domaining is now getting more popular. A domain dot (com) can now be registered at 10$ a year. If you can catch a great domain name and registered it at hand for 10$, and you can sell it at 3x to 4x the cost – then it clearly sounds profit. Actually my first revenue online comes from a sell of a certain domain for 40$ which I have acquired for 10$. With this kind of making money online, brainstorming and speculating the potential value of a certain domain is required. Two years ago, there are still available 4-character domain names for registration. But now they are all taken and average cost around 30 to 60 US dollars to buy from a domain reseller (except of course for one word 4-character domain like “” that may cost thousand or even million dollar price. How I wish I had purchased a hundred of them, when there are still good 4-character domains available.

You can buy a domain and sale it without developing or develop it for a period of time to gain more value and sell it at a higher price. You can also park your domains and earn money while waiting for a buyer to come.

5. Website development. If you have the knowledge or just a basic savvy in website programming and search engine optimization, then you can develop website for you own income generation or for selling it to interested buyers. It is also a good idea to invest in developing the domains that were not sold in your domain reselling business.

Website development requires more wisdom of marketing rather than programming since a great design website is useless without people visiting on it. Meaning, you have to make your website or blog a popular one. Search engine optimization, viral marketing, guerilla marketing, all of these are great ways to boost you site’s traffic, pagerank, popularity and value.

There are still lots of ways on how to earn money online, but for now those are what I have really experienced as of this moment of time. I intend to develop this site to earn through online advertising. This site is only four months old, and I am expecting to generate and earn more money as days and months pass by. I may sell my services here, I may sell my other domains here, I can put Google adsense here, I can make product review through my blog post here and other ways which I think would be fair and profitable.

If you have other specific or general ways on how to earn and make money online, please feel free to add it here and share it to the world.

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