Cross Browser Testing Tools – A Fundamental Part In Web Development


A number of web browsers are prevalent in the market. The names of the renowned web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, 7, 6. Your designed website may not perform equally well on every browser. There is compatibility limitations connected with each web browser. Since public or users are the “Ultimate decision makers” who would like to surf at one time on this browser and at another time on that browser.

Therefore, to capture market share your website should perform equally on the various browsers. There are numerous cross browser testing tools, which help your website to execute uniformly on the different browsers. Do not put this activity on your website designer or developer but take this project on your own because this is the matter of your website and you cannot take any risk regarding this. You have to check and recheck periodically that you are using the right codes in the frame of your website and this is the reason why these cross browser checking tools have been in vogue for past few decades.

Below some genuine and reliable checking tools are mentioned to give you a better picture of them:-

Adobe Browser Lab :-

This is highly recommended cross browser testing tool from adobe and it operates in the Flash software. It is easy, simple and has a free preview mode. Compatibility on over 12 different browsers can be checked including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Browser Shots :-

You do not have to open each single browser and test your website by opening on it. With the help of Browser Shots, you can test your website on over 100 websites at a time and a screenshot of the web pages is usually displayed. It is a premium based online software and usually some time is taken in the execution of your request. You have to pay around $30 per month for the services of this tool.

Browsers :-

Tests such as Recursive crawling and website layout testing are most efficiently performed by this testing tool. This is one of the advanced cross browser testing tool and supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc. and a screen shot is captured displaying your website. It also helps in authentication and scroll bars.

Litmus :-

It is also a web based screen shot service and check the feasibility of your website on over 25 browsers such as Netscape, Flock, Opera and Sea monkey. Other popular and widely used browsers such as IE, Chrome, and Firefox are also supported.

Expression Web Super Preview :-
This tool from Microsoft is the modern and advanced tool and supports mainly Internet Explorer and its various versions. Safari and Firefox are also supported by this tool.
Browser Seal :-

This is fast, simple and advanced testing tool and capture screen shots with a good capture speed and works on IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It mainly works on Windows. One of its biggest advantages associated with this tool is that it provides a command – line interface for standalone browser support and automation scripting.

Browser Cam :-
It is a powerful and advanced tool and used by developers who want to test their website on multiple browsers and operating systems. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome are some the browser names and Linux, Windows, OS X are some operating systems supported by browser cam. It is one of the cheapest plans and annually you can get it at $159.80.
Cross Browser Testing tools are an essential part of your online business and web content. Keeping in mind the various advantages connected with the above testing tools you can take an unambiguous decision that which browser testing tool would be best for your website.

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