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Boracay Island Philippines: A Simple Business and Profit Brought by Tourism

 I went to Kalibo Aklan (Philippines) to audit one of our clients – a credit cooperative. Aklan is popular for Boracay Island where you can find purely white beaches. If you are going to Boracay from outside the Philippines, you can fly to Manila (the country’s capital city), and then ride another plane to Caticlan

US Travel Chaos as East Coast is Gripped by Snow

 Heavy snow along the east coast of America is causing chaos at one of the busiest times of the year. There have been many problems with travel in the country with some of the worst snow that the country has seen for quite some time. Many flights have had to be cancelled and there are

Man Hanged for Spying on Iran for Israel

 A man has been found guilty of spying on the missile intelligence program in Iran and has actually been hanged because of it. The man was found guilty of spying on the program in order to benefit the country of Israel who were looking to develop their missile systems even further. The state news agency

New York Airports Reopen After Snow Chaos

 Airports in the State of New York in the United States have now reopened after they remained closed due to the poor weather conditions that were affecting the area. The airports were closed in New York after four times the usual amount of snowfall for the month of December actually fell on the state in

Finding cheap hotels in Berlin is easier than you think

 Germany has many unique features, from its undulating pastures through to mountainous backdrops, there is a wealth of natural wonders as well as cultural history to keep the avid traveller amused. As a destination it has grown in popularity, for a variety of reasons, one of which is the impressive range of affordable accommodation, in

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found In Turkey

 After finding the alleged pieces of the iconic religious boat, a group of evangelists Turkish and Chinese are claiming to have found Noah’s Ark. The group had found a structure made of wood, and they say it’s the ship that inhabited Noah, his family and animals during the biblical flood 4,800 years ago. Carbon dating

First Season of Strong Bad Game Completed, Promises Burnination of Both People and Thatched-roof Cottages

 The final episode of the first season of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People has been released, and is available online. Strong Bad, the boxing glove-wearing, Mexican luchador-masked star made famous for answering reader’s letters on Homestar Runner, now stars in the final episode of his computer game, titled 8-bit is Not Enough. The

Only In Thailand

 Interesting Reflections of this week in Thailand: Two days ago I saw an extremely large elephant on the back of a truck that was driving in front of me. It was a surprise to me as I have never seen that in Chiang Mai before. Then yesterday, my mom called me and she was very

Gas Pedal Stuck Down Thailand

 Last weekend, an innocent drive in the mountains turned into a frighteningly dangerous escapade which left us zooming downhill around the winding curves at recklessly fast speeds. I was driving along when I realized the gas pedal was stuck and the car would not stop accelerating.Josh Mann My close friend who I hadn’t seen in

How to go about planning a summer vacation trip

 Vacations are not interesting when planned spontaneously so it is vital to make sure you always spend adequate time to pre-plan the trips so as to make the most of the trip. A vacation should not only be visit one place and spending a few days in the same place but in turn it should