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Window Blinds for Office

 Finding window blinds for office# is one of the ideal way to complement a window treatment. Big companies always pay special interest towards their office interior planning projects, because first impression that is certainly put on the customer’s thoughts are always longer lasting. Therefore, if you’re a serious businessman, never ignore this extremely valuable element

Using the PhotoShop Pen Tool

 In this tutorial we are going to learn how to properly use the always handy Pen Tool in Photoshop. The Pen Tool is one of the most important tools in Photoshop and you need to learn how to use it if you want to use Photoshop properly. That is why this tutorial is very important.

United States and South Korea prepare for Military Exercises

 South Korea has warned its army to be on guard after they suspected further attacks from their neighbour today, just hours before the South Korean joint military exercises with the United States. The president of South Korea told ministers in the country to be on guard and to be ready for provocation form the North

BP’s Gulf Oil Rig said to be flawed

 The oil rig explosion that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico a few months ago was one of the biggest and most damaging explosions and spillages of our time. Now, new evidence has emerged that the oil rig was flawed before it even exploded as the cement that was used to seal the oil rig

Eiffel Tower Bomb Scare for Second Time in a Month

 The Eiffel Tower in France was evacuated last night after another bomb scare in the region. The Eiffel Tower had its second bomb scare in under a month yesterday and was evacuated for the second time in a month also. France is said to be on Red Alert and is expecting more terror threats. The

The Twitter Android Application A Look Ahead

 If you are a Twitter user and an Android user you will be happy to know the two services are merging. Twitter is developing their own Android application soon. After buying their latest application, this will be a marked departure for the Twitter crowd when they start making their own “apps”. Take a look at

Technology Stress and How to Overcome it

 Do I even need to ask how many have experienced frustration and anguish that have occurred because of the supposed “easy-to-use” plug-and-play application that didn’t work? How about when you print a document, only to find out that the hard copy that comes out of the printer looks nothing like the document on your computer

Photoshop Tutorial: Use Colour Match to Enhance Your Photos

 This simple tutorial will explain how to enhace an image’s colours by harnessing the colours in other photos. Like a lot of people I’m not very well-versed in Adobe Photoshop. But I do have to use it from time to time, mainly to touch up photographs. Without formal training or experience in Photoshop, editing and

Should You Upgrade to Photoshop CS4

 Photoshop Creative Suite 4 adds quite a few new features, some of which are very impressive. We’ll take a look at some of them and find out whether they’re worth the upgrade. With CS 4 comes a myriad of new features and improvements. So many in fact, that it’s difficult to assess them all. This

Daniel Defense Omega 9 Free Float Rail

 A few weeks ago, I ordered a Daniel Defense Omega free float rail for my midlength 14.5? AR-15. I didn’t like the stock handguards because they heat up too quickly, and because I wanted to mount accessories to the rails (vertical foregrip, flashlight, etc). After doing my research and looking at free float rails from