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Dog wheelchairs -German Shepherds in wheelchairs

 Dog wheelchairs are made specifically for each individual canine patient according to measurements provided by the dogs owner to the cart manufacturer. Cart costs are based on the dog’s actual size and weight. Dog wheelchair prices vary depending upon the size of the actual patient and the type of cart needed. They are made to

The German Shepherd Dog! Known the world over for its intelligence and versatility.

 The German Shepherd Dog has a long history of working, even though the dog breed itself is only just over 100 years old. This dog breeds superior intelligence and trainability combined with a rock solid temperament also makes the GSD a perfect family pet and companion. And that’s just the beginning of this dog breeds


 Communication is the key As is the case so often in life, communication is key to establishing the best possible relationship with your insurance company. People think they’re penalised because they’re being honest, but they’re not. Services for example, you might consider not informing the agent of your horse’s colic three years ago, fearing the


 How much is your horse worth Before you write down a number, think for a minute. One of the most important steps you can take to make your insurance experience run smoothly is to insure to value Start with the purchase price and add on value only if you’re able to substanitiate it. Insurance is

Horse Laying System

 The Horse Laying System that will change the way you bet on Horses Forever! Don’t be fooled by the many betting systems on the Internet that simply do not work! Through personal experience we can tell you that most of the systems that claim they will make you rich in a very short period of

Fish Short Story Prize

 To mark the 10th anniversary of The Fish Short Story Prize, Fish Publishing is announcing a VERY Short Story Prize which will run immediately following the main competition. Fish Publishing’s VERY Short Story Prize is open to writers of any nationality writing in English, and also offers the opportuntiy for these much shorter works to

A Good Speech Topic for Elementary and Middle-School Children: Pets

 A Favorite Topic that is Never Boring to Children: Speeches about Pets Writing about animals and pets make for fantastic speeches for elementary and middle-school children. The plus is that adults listening also get a free “trip to the zoo.” Parents wind up winning arguments as to why a baby tiger cannot be a household

Ugliest Dog in the World

 Thinking of our pets, it all comes down to unconditional love. We’ve all heard the saying, “A face only a mother can love”. Well, with some dogs, that’s exactly what it comes down to. There are some dogs that are considered the ugliest dog in the world, and for dogs, it’s true, where as for

Alpaca Farmgirl Turns 40

 I never knew I would be in such a good place when I turned 40. I always thought 40 was a birthday people dreaded and worried over. Actually, not me. I feel so blessed. I have a wonderful family, and a job that I love. Many passions that I am devoted to. Many friends and

Meet New Alpaca Cria Sista

 The other evening I was walking out to move the alpacas out into their pastures, (these days it is too hot for the alpacas to be in the fields during the day so we pasture them at night) and I noticed Poquita was breathing very hard. I moved another group of animals and kept an