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NewsDemon – 1 Month Free/Unlimited

 While looking for another newsgroup provider, I found out that Newsdemon has a promotion where they are giving you one month free in return for writing about them in your blog. I said, eh, what the heck, why not? After using for a few excruciating months, I needed something better. was horrible; I

Top 30 Free Press Release Distribution Services

 Launching a new product or website? Then you should have a professional press release written up so you can submit it to all the wonderful free press release distribution services out there! If you have a properly formatted press release, submitting to these sites is easy and you can manually submit to all these sites

Review: Publisher Spot, Professional Reviews Of Ad Networks

 Publisher Spot is the brainchild of Tyler Cruz. It claims to give “professional reviews of ad networks.” But does it live up to its promise? Let’s find out. Design The design is looks professional. It’s got a nice logo and attractive graphics. The first thing you’ll notice is news section above the fold. This section

Publisher Spot

 When Tyler announced Publisher Spot I knew it would succeed. It is an extremely simple idea but a fantastic one nonetheless. PublisherSpot provides informative reviews and summaries of Internet ad network companies. With ppc and affiliate marketing growing faster than ever, it was only a matter of time before someone stepped in and created a

Subjective Journalism – Inherent in Blogging

 Aaron Wall wrote a nice guest post over at Problogger yesterday that got me thinking about something I learned back in English class: subjective journalism. He asks “is your blog biased?” and goes on to say: Don’t be afraid of your bias. It is what makes you who you are, and what will attract like-minded

Awesome News

 I’m happy to report that I’ve been asked by Yaro Starak to write for his popular blog Entrepreneurs Journey! Yaro StarakI had been searching for a paid blogging position for some time now, and when Yaro offered me this opportunity it was a perfect match. For those that don’t know, Entrepreneurs Journey is one of