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Lose Your Phone, Not Your Mobile Life

 Thanks to a new service called Mobyk, then next time you lose your mobile phone, you won’t lose your entire mobile life. Meaning, everything you store on your mobile phone won’t be lost as well. Your contacts and everything else stored on your phone can easily be stored online with the Mobyko service, making it

Sony UX1 UK Bound

 The Sony VAIO UX1 Ultra Mobile PC is coming to the UK! The new UMPC from Sony is only 480g in weigh, but it packs some real punch with 1GB of memory, the Intel Ultra-Low Voltage processor, and Windows Vista Business, making the perfect device for mobile computing. The Sony VAIO UX1 is great for

8 Things To Know About Google Nexus One Smartphone

 We’ve compiled all the pieces of data that we could get on Google’s Nexus One, otherwise known as the Google Phone. Some of it, it has to be said, is speculation and/or rumours but since photos have emerged, there are more than a few nuggets that can be confirmed outright. Although it is known as

Vertu Cell Phone – Summit of Luxury

 True craftsmanship has always fascinated people. While it is nice if you for a halfway decent product is little need to invest. Still, it is beautiful, unique, hand-made device to possess In the beginning there was the idea of a “luxury communication device” to create. By hand, it should be done and only the finest

T-Mobile G1 with Google

 Bottom line is anything Google has its hand in will probably be great and the T-Mobile G1 with Google just happens to be another great phone. It does not seem to have as many features or applications available as the other two phones on our list ( Such as Email Versatility ), but their selling

BlackBerry Bold

 The BlackBerry Bold comes in second place on my list of best business cell phones, second only to Apple because of the lack of applications available, but this is still a powerful phone for any entrepreneur on the go. It has a sleek design and easy to use keyboard, along with pretty much every smartphone

Top 3 Best Business Cell Phone Guide for 09

 Everyday the Internet is becoming more important to online business owners and if you want to be as productive as possible you should have a business cell phone that doubles as a powerful tool to make money online. There are many business cell phones to choose from so below is a list of the most

Top 20 Free iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs On-The-Go

 Best Free iPhone Apps for Your Business: Below is a collection of my favorite free iPhone apps for both on and offline business owners on-the-go, go, go! Simply click the download links at the end of each description to download the free applications from iTunes directly. Know of any more great free apps? Let us

Iphone Officially Unlocked

 Yep thats right you can now unlock your iphone for UK use no matter where you have bought it from. Whats better is that you can do it for free. A new piece of open source software developed state-side but proved to work with both UK based providers Vodafone and 02 has recently become available.

Saveral Tips To Buy Handphone

 A mobile phone has become indispensable. Therefore, there are different types of mobile phones coming into the market. With so many models, drawings and specifications, it can be confusing for you to decide which phone would be good for you. So first you must decide what type of phone you want, which is important for