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Floods Hit Australia after Cyclone

 Heavy rain has affected much of the eastern part of Australia over the Christmas period and has actually cut many towns off because of the huge amount of flooding. The storm that has affected the country is now expected to head further southwards and there is a huge threat that the storm could drastically affect

Australia Floods as River Peaks with New Storm Warning

 The floods in Australia have hit a new level as a river in the country has peaked due to the new storm warnings. The River Fitzroy which is located in the area that has already been hit by floods in the past few days; Rockhampton, has peaked and there have also been new thunderstorm warnings

Bed-and-Breakfasts Offer Pampering, Value, History

 BB 01 Bed and Breakfasts Offer Pampering, Value, History Bed-and-breakfasts aren’t just for the old folks anymore, especially in South Carolina. “We’re seeing a lot of twenty-somethings now,” said Katherine Brown, proprietor of the Bloomsbury Inn in Camden and a board member of the 74-member South Carolina Bed and Breakfast Association. “They’re like anyone else

Where to Buy Acai Berry

 Supermarkets and Health Food Stores: Unless you live near the Amazon it’s unlikely you are going to be able to buy Acai berries directly. The berry does not hold up well to transport, so it is most often sold as Acai pulp, Acai juice, or Acai berry supplements. Most Whole Foods stores carry Genesis brand

Oprah sues over false Acai Berry Claims

 Oprah and Acai Berry have been linked throughout the internet in the latest diet craze. The problem is, Neither Oprah or Dr Oz ever endorsed ANY brand of Acai Berry products. They DID talk about the Acai Berry itself, and what wonderful nutritional properties it has. But not the processed Acai Berry pills and juices.

Acai Berry Fruit: The Top Of The Nutritional Supplement Tree

 Acai berry fruit is harvested deep in the Brazilian rain forest, growing on the top of the lofty acai palm in bunches of between 500 and 900 fruits. The berry itself very similar in appearance to a grape, but contains a large seed that makes up a proportion of the middle of the fruit. The

Acai Berries: Superfood or Superscam?

 Acai berries. Now there’s something that everyone knows about. Mostly everyone has either heard of acai being mentioned in the same breath as Superfood or Scam. Which is it really? Well it’s definitely a superfood, and in some limited cases it is also linked to a scam, too. I say ‘linked to a scam’, because

Acai Berry Extreme: Extreme SCAM!

 Acai Berry Extreme is nothing less than Extreme Crap. This is a cheap, heat dried extract that really doesn’t do acai any favors at all. It’s something of an insult to other acai manufacturers that try to produce a good product that will do our bodies some good. The makers of Acai Berry Extreme have,

Acai Puree vs Acai Juice

 Spending some time in any industry will give you an insight into what some companies will do to achieve the following goals: 1. Make their products cheaper to make 2. Make their products appear to be better value With the less honest companies — and I include in this most of the larger ones —

Fillers Used In Some Acai Juices

 As mentioned in our last post, there is a huge difference between an Acai Puree and an Acai Juice. The short and long of the matter is that acai puree is a far superior product, supplying much more of exactly the nutrients and goodness that brought you to acai in the first place. Acai juices