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How to Write a Song

 A lot of people would like to learn how to write a song, being a songwriter is one of the most widely held dreams. Writing a song isn’t all that hard, writing a good song on the other hand is much more difficult. Writing a hit song is another matter altogether, that is something that

Miley Cyrus fakes us all out!

 As you may have heard, there is a big scandal surrounding Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) uses a stunt double, or a look alike, or a stand-in on her tours! Now, I’m not sure why she uses one. It could be like a wardrobe thing. Or it could be a medical thing.

Bob Barker – How to ruin a game show

 When I was a kid, I can specifically remember days when I would plan on pretending to be sick, JUST so I could watch the price is right. Ohh that wheel…… Ohh Plinko! Ohh A NEW CAR! Ohh Barker’s Beauties Ohh Showcase Showdown! Ohh the memories…… I could have watched a thousand episodes in a