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Low cost Deal on Toshiba CB35-B3340 13.3 Inch Chromebook (Intel Celeron 4GB 16GB SSD Silver) Full HD-Screen

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Microsoft set to compete with Apple iPad

 Apple have released their iPad tablet computer device this year and they are set to release the iPad 2 as soon as they can. This has completely revolutionised the way that people use computers and it is thought that in a few years, tablet computers will overtake laptops in terms of sales. Obviously, this has

Apple iPad 2 to have three models

 The Apple iPad is a device that is currently available in two different models; the Wi-Fi only version and then the 3G version, which actually allows users of the device to sign up to a contract and access the internet anywhere they might be. Now, it is thought that with the release of the iPad

Samsung to release iPad Rival

 A device that has been made by the manufacturer Samsung is said to have been spotted on a train. The device that was spotted is said to be a product that Samsung are developing that aims to rival Apple’s iPad device. The product is set to be unveiled next week but the product has been

Boston-Power Unveils World’s First Battery Designed to Last Lifespan of Notebook Computers at DEMO 07

 Boston Power Inc. introduced on Tuesday at DEMO 07 its new Sonata product line, a next generation, lithium-ion battery for laptop computers. Sonata batteries are considered to be a drop-in technology, which means OEMs don’t have to change their designs for the product to work with them. Some of the benefits of the Sonata batteries