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Wear Skirts That Accentuates Your Lovely Body Shape

 Although many women wear trousers nowadays, they still have one or more skirts in their closets. Besides a dress, a skirt is the next most feminine garment a woman could keep. Skirts feature different shapes, lengths and styles. Each skirt design has a specific name. In addition, each skirt design is meant for a given

Apparel Conference of The Americas- One Market, One Region, One Source

 The annual Apparel Conference of The Americas will be meeting all the way over in Guatemala…we even have readers there! Hosted by Vestex and organized by the American Apparel Producers’ Network in Atlanta. Different aspects of sourcing and producing apparel in a global sense will be addressed at the conference: SOURCING STRATEGIES THE NEW WAVE

Ideas to create a memorable money making Look book

 We spoke about seasonal look books as a daily definition back in March, but I want to go more in depth with ideas for the theme to create a more attractive and memorable look book, which would most likely leave you with more orders…making your clothing business money. As far as look books go I

Now You Can Attend Trade Shows Without Breaking Your Bank- Thanks To Dobizo

 Unique Trade Show Opportunity Don Mahmood of Eklectik Genes has approached me with the idea of getting many of the startup clothing companies that visit Dobizo everyday involved in trade shows which is one of the first steps to getting your brand noticed and an important part of networking within the apparel industry. Basically the

Head Count For Shared Trade Show Booth Concept

 If you haven’t read this article then stop and go there now, before reading on. I’ve been sending out emails through the forum, Global Fashion Network and now here to get a count of how many companies are seriously interested in participating. So therefore I am extending all arms and reaching out in as many

Meeting With EK Genes Founder Don Mahmood

 I had a meeting yesterday with the founder of Eklectik Genes Don Mahmood an active member on the Dobizo Network and he invited me over to speak with him on the fashion industry, the trade show concept, and what it’s like being in the fashion industry. Let’s just say the guy knows his stuff. I