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Business Bible verse about hard work, teamwork, independence, saving and investing

 “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.” Proverbs 6:6-8 The bible clearly encourages us to apply the hardworking characteristic of the ants. This means we should consistently work and be

Add Your Business Blog Link for Free: Showing URL, title and thumbnail

 Link exchange is proven to help your site improve its search engine ranking and popularity. High search engine placement gives your site higher and more prioritized exposure from internet searchers. This means it will earn the bigger chance of driving visitors from people who search your relevant keywords in search engines like Google. Also remember

How to Earn Cash – Make Money Online

 How can we earn and make money online? Actually, as I am writing this article, I’m hoping that this article will return me some extra bucks. With the vast number of people searching for the popular keyword “make money online”, I’m wishing that this article page will soon land on the first page of Google’s

Add Your Business Story – Promote Your Business for Free

 It’s been four months now since I lunched this site. This blog was actually lunched during the Christmas season as you can see in the archives – December. I am employed as a head of the audit and assurance department in an accounting firm in the Philippines. And because of the hectic nature of this

Sales Tip Your Product’s Sauce

 In this time of economic recession, entrepreneurs are struggling on achieving their targeted sales and profits. To be able to raise or merely maintain our revenue level, we need to have something that is an extraordinary. This thing is a significant treasure for every successful business owners. Making your product stands out among others will

How to Keep Business Success in Times of Global Economic Recession

 As small to large companies are coping with our slumping global economic condition, I believe this is just the right time that we share each other’s ideas and strengths. For me, when things get worst and there are no other solutions we can find in our brain banks, we need to go back to what

Business Stress and Anger Management

 Have you ever been in a situation where your brain and your blood pressure are almost erupting because of so much stress and hatred brought to you by an irritating object, event or person? I know you will answer yes. People, especially who are living in the city and work with technology like computers and

Don’t grab too much profit: It may wear-out your resources and employees

 Some enterprise owners hardly encounter income opportunities specially this time of economic recession. However, some faces a lot of opportunities to grab marginal profits. Perhaps these opportunities are brought by nice marketing schemes and continuous development efforts. An ordinary business owner will not waste any time to seize an income opportunity and pull it to

Business Ideas No.1: Building your Virtual Estate

 Have you ever imagined owning a building in a rich metropolitan? Or maybe do you actually owned one? With that property, you may earn a fixed income by leasing it to tenants. You can also utilize it in your business operations since it is in the middle of the city. The taller your building is

Business future predictions: What businesses and industries will boom and rise in coming years

 As the year saying goodbye and the New Year entering, I give to you my bold predictions on what businesses and industries will rise and the few years ahead. 1. Biotechnology Biotechnology is technology based on biology. The future ahead promises growth in the industry of genetics, molecular biology, bio chemistry and cell biology. 2.