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Tata’s Nano: Will you buy and use the world’s cheapest car

 India’s Nano Car was intended to be used as a fuel-efficient, safer alternative to the motorcycles used by millions of Indians. Nano Cars was first conceived by Tata Motors Ltd. (India’s largest automobile company) in 2003. The 3 meter-long car is expected to cost about $1,980 for dealers, which doesn’t include the markup and other

Pontiac GTO Concept

 Probably my favorite concept ever, but I’m still not sure, there are so many sweet car concepts out there. It sure is a shame GM never went through with this Pontiac GTO concept, the car has the sweet angles just like the Camaro. But, when GM revived the GT0 in 2004 they brought the Holden

Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept

 Following in the footsteps of many other manufacturers, Subaru is taking a step to going green. We think the car itself looks great, and on the face of it, not impossible to imagine running around the streets. Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept Three separate power sources will share the duties of propelling

Toyota FT-86 Concept

 Looks like the Toyota boys have been busy putting the final touches to the Toyota FT-86 Concept in readiness for the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota FT-86 Concept Toyota FT-86 Concept The shot above is straight from the guys themselves and looks incredibly promising, looking less of a concept and more of an in-the-pipeline piece

New Honda Civic India

 The New Honda Civic is the ultimate expression of luxury, performance and style. Its all set to launch in India in the second half of the year. Its packed with features that go above & beyond its specification. With its sleek and futuristic style, its a car that apeals to all markets and a car

How to increase Fuel Efficiency of your Car

 On an average, fuel bills over the last few months have increased by 20% for most of us. Led by the Global demand for oil, prices have skyrocketed to touch nearly 150$. Many speculators predict it will hit 200$ and then may be settle down around 125$. I hope it stays at 200$. The spiraling