Casio Exlim EX-Z75 and Exlim EX-Z1050 Digital Cameras


Casio is also rolling out some new digital cameras, and this time it’s the sleek and shiny EX-Z75 and the EX-Z1050. There’s not a whole lot known about the cameras yet, so expect more details to be released soon.

The Casio EX-Z75 digital camera is housed in a metal-like silver casing, and features 7.2-megapixel photos, a 2.6-inch LCD screen, USB 2.0 connectivity, 3x optical zoom, and a Best Shot Mode. The Ex-Z75 is expected to retail for $300 USD. No release date or availability information is available at this time.

The Casio EX-Z1050 is a step up from the EX-Z75 model, and is also housed in silver casing. This camera is also very slim, and features a 2.6-megapixel LCD display, ISO up to 3200, USB 2.0 connectivity, anti-shake technology, and a movie mode that can capture 30fps VGA. It also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The suggested retail price on this phone is $394. Again, there is no word on the availability at this time, but I would expect it to be available soon.

Casio EX-Z75 Digital Camera:

1-28-07-z75.jpg Cnet Asia reviews the Casio EX-Z75 Digital Camera and like it for its slim ergonomics , its cool design and fast performance. However the camera’s image quality was found to be disappointing and so was the low-resolution LCD.

The EX-Z75 is a 7.2 megapixel shooter and is housed in an all silver casing.Some other critical features found on the Casio EX-Z75 include; 2.6-inch screen, 3x optical zoom, anti-shake, USB 2.0 connectivity and a Best Shot Mode which is always a handy feature.

In the end the website concludes “sure, it’s slim, inexpensive, and cute, but annoying quirks and iffy image quality keep this 7.2-megapixel snapshooter off our list of favorites.”

Casio EX-Z1050 Camera:

ABAL1P-A08802909_45b7298a41001.jpegCasio recently launched two new cameras in its EXILIM Series. Though not much is known about the cameras and since all the info is in Taiwanese, forgive me for keeping it short!

The Casio EX-Z1050 is a slim 10 megapixel camera which has been housed in an all silver casing, making it look extremely chic! This 10 MP totting digicam boasts of features like; 2.6-inch LCD monitor, anti-shake technology, up to ISO 3200. One also comes across , USB 2.0 connectivity, a rechargeable Li-ion battery and a movie mode which can capture 30fps VGA. The Casio EX-Z1050 should be available soon for about $394.

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