Business Quote and Wisdom Honesty is the Best Policy


“Honesty is the best policy”, a very common maxim yet very uncommon to people. Honesty is like a diamond, precious but rare to find – rare to find like honest people. Dishonest persons are scattered everywhere, in politics, in government, in business, in showbiz, in the streets and even in religions. In business, since all businessmen are taxpayers, lying and cheating are common. Many people practice dishonesty to take advantage of higher financial returns or to escape current obligations. For example, the taxpayers, some or most of these taxpayers commit under-declaration of income to reduce income taxes. Another example is when a business owner lies in reporting the true profit or income of his business to avoid distribution of profit shares or bonuses to his employees or stakeholders.

So, will honesty be still the best policy? Simply, yes! It will still be the best policy in any aspects especially in business. Going back to paying of taxes, an honest taxpayer may not reduce his or her current tax payables, but certainly, by rightfully paying taxes, he or she will avoid future obligations (i.e., monetary and criminal charges). Being honest with your employer and co-workers will also bear harmonization in your workplace and organization. Honesty creates and promotes integrity, trustworthy, dependability and reliability. As the Bible says, the truth will set you free. This means that honesty eliminates confusion and sleepless nights caused by worries of hiding one’s self in the darkness and lies.

Honesty as a policy is best for both your internal and external business policy. Internal means within your organization like the policy covering your employees. External on the other hand means policy outside your organization. Examples of these are your business policies in dealing with your suppliers and customers.

An honest employer or top manager will certainly uplift the morale of employees, while a dishonest employer will surely not. When the workers of a certain organization are in high morale, their willingness to work is outstanding and creates total operational efficiency. Likewise, being honest to your suppliers and customers creates long-term trust and confidence that makes business dealings smooth and great.

Now I really agree that honesty is the best policy even in business. You know why the Bible is the most patronized book in the world? It is because God never lies. And any reader of the Bible is certain that he can trust the words written in that book.

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