Business Internet Marketing Tips How to increase your website’s traffic


You have launched a new website or blog for your company, business or simply for your product. This action was brought to you by your aim to increase your website’s market exposure and popularity. Your business website or blog is already well-designed and filled up with adequate contents related to your business. Then you become excited to know how many people have visited your prestigious website. But when you check out your site’s traffic report, you become disappointed to know that only few people visit your website. With this kind of situation, your website’s purpose of business marketing and product promotion become far away from realization. But you don’t need to worry a lot – you are not alone. Millions of websites, especially those which are new, suffer the same situation. I also suffered it when I was just a neophyte in the cyber world. But as I grow up and leave my childhood years in the World Wide Web, I have gained through research and experiences some knowledge and logic with regard to increasing your business website’s or blog’s visitors. Sharing my knowledge is my pleasure, so I share to you the following list of simple tips to increase your website’s traffic.

1. Be a writer. Write articles. Put a link to your website in your biography. Then submit them to hundreds of article directories on the web. Don’t forget submitting to EzineArticles receives millions of visitors per month – that’s a lot of exposure I tell you. These visitors and users of articles may republish your article in their own sites with your link in the author’s biography thereby increasing your backlinks.

2. Be listed. Submit your website’s URL to top search engines to be crawled; and to website directory to be listed. This will increase your pagerank and backlinks.

3. Be a forum member. You can put your website’s link into your signature below your posts. Don’t forget to be active and post several relevant posts in the forum. The link in your signature will be shown on each of your post. Make sure to register on forums that talk about topics that are relative to your website’s topics. This is to pull relevant visitors to your website.

4. Be sociable. Use your facebook, myspace, friendster, linkedin, twitter and other social networking accounts to promote your site. Invite your true friends to visit your site. If you don’t have accounts yet on those communities, you should signup now. The more friends and connections you have the better.

5. Be generous and thankful. People are crazy on freebies and giveaways. Offer free products and services to your visitors. You can also restrict these freebies to your site’s loyal members to encourage your visitors to become loyal members. You can also make some kind of contest and reward to your lucky visitors. These will make your visitors become active visitors and participants.

6. Be extraordinary. People search the internet to find pieces of information that are unusual and extraordinary. They search something that they cannot usually encounter in their ordinary everyday lives. Whatever your website is all about – put something that will make it unique among the rest of the webs on the internet.

7. Be relevant. Write contents that are relevant to what your website is for. Register to forums that are relevant to your website. If your website is all about marketing, then signup to marketing forums. Write articles relevant to your website’s topics. It is absurd for a reader of your business article to click and visit your celebrity gossip website link in your biography. Exchange links with websites that are relevant to your website. If you run a business website don’t exchange link with a sports site if possible. The point here is driving relevant traffic to your website. Pull visitors that find what they are really looking for in your website.

8. Be a movie maker. Youtube is viewed by millions of visitors everyday. Brainstorm a simple movie that will entice YouTube viewers. Put a link in your video and expect traffic coming from the people who will view your video. This is kind of hard, but if you have a very creative mind then use it.

10. Be a newsmaker. Utilize the RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) technology. Provide hot and new contents about your website’s subject matters. Offer RSS (or email) subscription to your site’s visitors. Offer newsletters and freebies to visitors who will subscribe to your RSS feeds. The more subscribers you have the more you will earn regular visitors who will keep coming back to your site.

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