Apple App EyeTricks


A new idea comes along every once in a while, and when some of those ideas do come, they surely bring in a breath of fresh air to Apple App community. One such idea is EyeTricks, made by independent developer George Giaslas. The App, as the name suggests, is a collection of optical illusions and tricky pictures. Not only is the concept new, and never done before on iPhone or iPod touch, but it’s also unique in that it adds a whole new angle to an App.

The App is basically a photo gallery, with 30 different optical illusions to choose from. You can browse the illusions in order, randomly, or alphabetically. Some of these optical illusions are famous, and have already been publicized plenty, so you’ll be bored with them. Others, however, are fairly unknown, and are pretty interesting to look at. It helps that the App displays instructions on how to view the optical illusion correct (what you should be looking for), than gives you a chance to look, and on third tap displays the results. This is something that is fairly essential in an optical illusion app, because lots of people may not get the correct answer, or may not see the 2 possible answers, and this app will let you do it.

After all was said and done, however, we got bored of the App before we even finished all the optical illusions. While there may be a place for such an App in the future, we believe some major kinks will have to worked out first. The developer needs to add more optical illusions, as 30 is way too little for a serious App, and they need to add some value-added features, such as downloading new optical illusions daily, the ability to upload and share your own optical illusion, and perhaps even a discussion section. Those reasons and above are exactly why we’re giving this App a disappointing 2 out of 5 stars.

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