Add Your Business Blog Link for Free: Showing URL, title and thumbnail


Link exchange is proven to help your site improve its search engine ranking and popularity. High search engine placement gives your site higher and more prioritized exposure from internet searchers. This means it will earn the bigger chance of driving visitors from people who search your relevant keywords in search engines like Google. Also remember that there are a lot of search engines and ranking site on the internet. High numbers of backlinks also means high valuation of the market value of your site. So what are you waiting for! If your blog is blogging about business and other related business topics, then submit your business blog and let us have a link exchange.

If your blog will be approved it will be shown in my Business Link page with its Title, URL and thumbnail. To submit your blog please comment on this post with the following required information:

1. Title of your blog (It must be about business or business related topics).

2. URL of your blog (It must be at least live for the past three months and have at least 20 business related posts).

3. The reciprocal URL of your Blog where you place BusinessAccent link (It should be at your homepage or at least at your page which is linked by your homepage).

Please link our site with either of the following titles:

Title 1: Business Accent

Title 2: Man, mind, money, machine, management, marketing and manners

Once your blog is submitted, we will review and approve it within 1 to 7 days if it follows our requirements. We reserve the right to reject links that do not follow our requirements. We then further reserve the right to update and amend these requirements as appropriate as it may be.

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