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Floods Hit Australia after Cyclone

 Heavy rain has affected much of the eastern part of Australia over the Christmas period and has actually cut many towns off because of the huge amount of flooding. The storm that has affected the country is now expected to head further southwards and there is a huge threat that the storm could drastically affect

US Travel Chaos as East Coast is Gripped by Snow

 Heavy snow along the east coast of America is causing chaos at one of the busiest times of the year. There have been many problems with travel in the country with some of the worst snow that the country has seen for quite some time. Many flights have had to be cancelled and there are

Microsoft set to compete with Apple iPad

 Apple have released their iPad tablet computer device this year and they are set to release the iPad 2 as soon as they can. This has completely revolutionised the way that people use computers and it is thought that in a few years, tablet computers will overtake laptops in terms of sales. Obviously, this has

Man Hanged for Spying on Iran for Israel

 A man has been found guilty of spying on the missile intelligence program in Iran and has actually been hanged because of it. The man was found guilty of spying on the program in order to benefit the country of Israel who were looking to develop their missile systems even further. The state news agency

Skype Recovers from Global Blackout

 If you are a regular user of the VoIP service; Skype, then you will probably have experienced a lot of problems with the service at some point last week. Skype actually suffered a global blackout for a short period of time, leaving millions of users unable to use the service and with a great inconvenience.

Sir Elton John and Partner Get First Child

 Sir Elton John and his partner have become the proud parents of their first child on one of the most special days of the year; Christmas Day. The child in which the pair have become parents to was born through a surrogate mother and the child was actually born on Christmas day. The child that

Apple iPad 2 to have three models

 The Apple iPad is a device that is currently available in two different models; the Wi-Fi only version and then the 3G version, which actually allows users of the device to sign up to a contract and access the internet anywhere they might be. Now, it is thought that with the release of the iPad

New York Airports Reopen After Snow Chaos

 Airports in the State of New York in the United States have now reopened after they remained closed due to the poor weather conditions that were affecting the area. The airports were closed in New York after four times the usual amount of snowfall for the month of December actually fell on the state in

Teenager Arrested over Car Bomb Christmas Plot

 A teenager has been arrested in the United States of America after he attempted to detonate a device just moments before a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony that was taking place. The suspect was arrested by the FBI during a car bomb sting operating in Portland, Oregon. The suspect was Somali born Mohamed Osman Mohamud who