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Hiccup with FeedBurner

 I was surprised when I woke up this morning to find that my feed count was about 3-400 less than what it should be. At first I was amazed that so many people unsubscribed just because I missed a day or two of posting (yesterday was the last day of finals, so cut me some

Make Money Online

 So I know everybody who visits my blog is most likely a reader of budatha dot com as well and have been following his blogging experiment over the past few months. I have seen so many mini budatha sites pop up over the last few months it’s insane – not that there’s anything wrong with

No More Kontera, Adsense, or AdBrite

 The extra income that Kontera, Adsense, and AdBrite have been generating over the last few months has been nice pocket money, but after using all of these services for quite a while I’ve decided that they just take far too much away from the user experience here. After all, aren’t the readers the most important

CS Update 5 – Rock Surge’s First Digg

 I’m pretty happy with this week with my case study. It seems that the blog is finally starting to fill out with good content. It doesn’t look like a work in progress anymore. It looks like an established blog. You know what that means? Time to promote. KeytarThey say to always start with what you

More BUMPzee Upgrades

 A lot of you probably remember a post I did a little while ago called Keep an Eye on BUMPzee! In it I said how I believe that given its current growth in development and functionality it will far surpass MyBlogLog before you know it. No sooner do I get the words out of my

What Do You Want Out of Your Sites

 A post over at Mark’s 45n5 blog sparked up thought on an old topic for me: would you keep making the same websites if they did not earn you a penny? Mike’s answer was pretty straightforward: Yes I would keep making websites/videos/etc, but no I wouldn’t keep the ones I currently have. Fair enough. Mine

CS Update 6 – I Heart Indie Bible

 Alright fellas it’s that time again – time for another blogging case study with the greatest and sexiest rock and roll blog in the history of the world: Rock Surge. Last week was a lot of fun with my first Digg frontpage for Rock Surge going over pretty well. I learned some lessons about how

Selling Text Links in Free Themes

 There seems to be a new trend among theme designers/developers that involves selling text links to third parties within a theme made for distribution. For those of you who are unaware, theme distribution is a fantastic way to get yourself and your website known. This basically entails creating a theme (for WordPress, vBulletin, IPB, etc),

What You Need to Know About Forex Trading Platforms

 Forex trading platforms are like the link between the Forex trader and the broker. The platform, which is also known as Forex trading software, can be downloaded from the Forex broker. The extreme convenience of online trading is possible because of these platforms. There are several platform options that are offered by each of the

Essential Tips For Successful Forex Trading

 If you really want to succeed in the Forex market, you must learn what the most successful traders already know. These traders didn’t get where they are simply by chance, and neither will you. But rest assured: Forex trading doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, there are some very basic guidelines you can